Buick LaCrosse

The Buick LaCrosse was intended to be the perfect car for every occasion

Lincoln Navicross

If you couldn't choose between a luxury saloon and an SUV, the Navicross was both

Peugeot BB1

This electric-powered city car was just 2.5 metres long, yet it could accommodate four adults

Subaru B11S

The B11S was effectively Subaru's take on the Mazda RX-8 – but it never saw production

Jeep Treo

Jeep is renowned for its XXL-sized SUVs, but the diminutive Treo flew in the face of that

Peugeot Hoggar

The Peugeot Hoggar was just what you needed if your quest was to cross a desert in a hurry

Rinspeed Senso

Rinspeed has produced plenty of weird concepts over the years, typified by the Senso

Citroen GT

It looked as though it had driven straight out of a computer game. Because it had...

Ford 24.7

With the Ford 24.7 you got three concepts for the price of one

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