Ford 24.7

With the Ford 24.7 you got three concepts for the price of one

Hummer HX

Unashamedly low-tech, the HX was nonetheless an intriguing proposition

Cadillac Sixteen

With a 13.6-litre engine, the Sixteen showed why there's no replacement for displacement

Ford GT90

The GT90 was immensely fast and had enormous presence, and there was talk of 500 being built…

Jeep Hurricane

Why have one 5.7-litre V8 in your hard-core off-roader when you can have two?

BMW xCoupé

With its startling asymmetric design, the xCoupé looked more radical than it was

Cadillac Cien

The Cien could have lifted Cadillac's image by several notches, but GM's bean counters said no

Dodge Zeo

Better known for its large-engined muscle cars, Dodge once went green – briefly…

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