This electric commuter car could have been a hit, but it arrived 25 years too early

Ford Eltec

The Eltec was more innovative than it looked, and it gave us a glimpse of the 1990 Escort

Peugeot BB1

This electric-powered city car was just 2.5 metres long, yet it could accommodate four adults

Opel Junior

Even now the Opel Junior looks fresh and funky, but it wasn't just a pretty face…


The MG EX-E never saw the light of day, but it did give a glimpse of what was to come…

Lancia Fulvia

Arguably one of the greatest missed opportunities in the history of motoring…

Maybach Exelero

Built to showcase Fulda's new tyres, the Exelero was capable of 219mph

Audi Avantissimo

The Avantissimo could have been the world's first production luxury estate, but it wasn't to be…

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