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Daus microcar

It's said that the best things come in small packages. The Daus suggested otherwise

ALCA Volpe

This tiny two-seater promised much, but no running examples were ever delivered


This mid-engined two-seater sounded far more exciting on paper than it was in reality

Ardex cycle car

There was minimalist motoring, and then there was the French-built Ardex

Zagato Zele

The Zele was out of character for Zagato, but this tiny commuter car saved its maker

Julien MM5

Maurice Julien's microcars were better developed than many, but they still bombed

Atlas Babycar

This French microcar disappeared from view almost as quickly as it arrived

Cuno Bistram

This one-off home-built single-seater took minimalist motoring to the extreme

Cizeta V16T

Until the Bugatti Veyron arrived, the Cizeta V16T was the king of the hill

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