Volvo P172

The P172 could have taken over where the 1800 coupé left off, but Volvo got cold feet

Volvo ECC

The Volvo ECC's tech was a blind alley, but its styling gave a taste of what was to come

Saab PhoeniX

The PhoeniX was meant to herald a brave new dawn for Saab, but sadly it was not to be

Volvo Venus Bilo

Was the Venus Bilo the world's first concept car? And whatever happened to it?

Saab EV-1

Sleek and stylish, the EV-1 was a 2+2 testbed that introduced numerous innovations for Saab

Volvo YCC

Proving that it was no longer a man's world, the Volvo YCC was designed by women, for women

Volvo P1900

The P1800 wasn't Volvo's first sports car; the plastic P1900 preceded it

Volvo PV445

Made specially for coachbuilders, the PV445 led to a raft of low-volume specials

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