Honda Dualnote

The petrol-electric Dualnote featured cutting-edge tech, but it looked like a dog's dinner

Volkswagen W12

Capable of more than 200mph, the W12 would have made quite a supercar

Pininfarina Mythos

Based on a Ferrari Testarossa, the Mythos was even more outrageous than the car that sired it

Jeep Treo

Jeep is renowned for its XXL-sized SUVs, but the diminutive Treo flew in the face of that

Mazda Taiki

One of the most beautiful concept cars ever devised, the Mazda Taiki will always look futuristic

Audi Avus

Fast and curvaceous, the Avus was seriously considered for production

Toyota FXS

Using Lexus SC430 running gear, the FXS could have been a great boulevard cruiser

Mazda RX-Evolv

The RX-Evolv looked that bit too wild for production. And then Mazda built it

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