Opel Maxx

In the mid-1990s, the Maxx was GM's vision of the future of urban motoring

Lamborghini Cala

Lamborghini really needed a junior supercar in the 1990s; the Cala could have been it

Chrysler Atlantic

Inspired by the Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic, this Chrysler coupé caused a sensation

Damilla Roadster

It looked as though it was a 1950s creation, but the Damilla Special was from the 1990s

Ginetta G32

The G32 was yet another one of those could-have-been-great cars

Zagato Raptor

The brief was to upstage the Lamborghini Diablo - and Zagato did just that

Cizeta V16T

Until the Bugatti Veyron arrived, the Cizeta V16T was the king of the hill

Alfa Romeo Nuvola

An old-school grand tourer, the Nuvola blended new with old to great effect

Ford GT90

The GT90 was immensely fast and had enormous presence, and there was talk of 500 being built…

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