Honda Dualnote

The petrol-electric Dualnote featured cutting-edge tech, but it looked like a dog's dinner

Volkswagen W12

Capable of more than 200mph, the W12 would have made quite a supercar

Lotec Sirius

After its previous one-off, Lotec came back for more, but the Sirius would also be unique

BMW xCoupé

With its startling asymmetric design, the xCoupé looked more radical than it was

Audi Avantissimo

The Avantissimo could have been the world's first production luxury estate, but it wasn't to be…

Mercedes F400 Carving

The F400 Carving looked bonkers, but it was a deadly serious testbed for cutting-edge tech

Toyota FXS

Using Lexus SC430 running gear, the FXS could have been a great boulevard cruiser

Fioravanti Vola

With its neat styling and radical roof design, this could have been a landmark sports car…

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