Bertone Nuccio

Created in turbulent times, the Nuccio was Bertone's final all-new concept car

Audi e-tron Spyder

Although Audi's e-tron brand is usually reserved for EVs, there was also this hybrid

Weber Faster One

Launched in 2013, the Weber Faster One project from Switzerland seems to have stalled

Ferrari J50

Just 10 examples of the Ferrari J50 were made, for the Japanese market only

Ferrari P80/C

Ferrari has built quite a few one-offs for special clients, but just one track-only car so far

Smart ForSpeed

Smart created an electric sequel to its bonkers Crossblade, which sadly remained a one-off

Citroen Lacoste

The Lacoste was just the job for anybody looking for a car that put the emphasis on fun

Saab PhoeniX

The PhoeniX was meant to herald a brave new dawn for Saab, but sadly it was not to be


The Kia Pop proved that sometimes the best things do come in small packages

Mini Rocketman

The BMW Mini has never been an especially small car, but the Rocketman aimed to put paid to that

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