Richard Dredge

Richard Dredge

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Richard Dredge

Richard Dredge

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale

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You could hardly call the Ferrari 458 Speciale lacking, but one very wealthy prancing horse fan found room for improvement

You might think there wasn't much scope to improve the Ferrari 458 Speciale, but in 2016 one lucky person had a go at doing just that. He commissioned Ferrari’s One-Off division to take his Speciale and come up with something unique; the 458 MM Speciale was the result.

Designed in-house by the Ferrari Styling Centre, the bespoke 458 was unchanged mechanically but the lines were sharpened up to emphasise the car’s sporty lines. Not that the regular Speciale was especially lacking on that score.

Although the MM was clearly heavily based on the 458 Speciale, this edition featured all-new bodywork hand-made in aluminium, with carbonfibre bumpers front and rear. Inspired by the 288GTO the A-pillars were painted black to create a wraparound look that blended the windscreen with the side windows. The C-pillars were at a shallower angle than normal and the air scoop was redesigned as part of an extensive package of aerodynamic revisions.

In the nose were redesigned radiators mounted more closely together, while at the back was a prominent spoiler that balanced the requirements of downforce and aesthetics to give “a powerful and athletic stance” according to Ferrari.

With modified light clusters front and rear, unique wheels, Bianco Italia paintwork and a livery inspired by the Italian flag, the 458 MM Speciale certainly stood out. The interior sounded just as smart, although Ferrari didn't issue any images unfortunately. Trimmed in Cioccolato leather with white stitching, a raft of other details were incorporated, including satin white rings around the tunnel controls.

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