Lincoln Navicross

If you couldn't choose between a luxury saloon and an SUV, the Navicross was both

Nash-Healey Roadster

The Nash-Healey had plenty of potential, but high costs scuppered its chances of success

MG-Hawk Special

It looks like a Ferrari, but this barchetta's plastic bodywork hides MG TD mechanicals

Jeep Treo

Jeep is renowned for its XXL-sized SUVs, but the diminutive Treo flew in the face of that

Mohs Safarikar

In the pantheon of bizarre cars, few are as weird as the Mohs Safarikar

Kurtis Sports Car

This two-seater sporting luxury car looked like nothing else, but high costs sealed its fate

Flajole Forerunner

With its far-out looks you'd never guess that underneath, this was a Jaguar XK120

Chrysler Atlantic

Inspired by the Bugatti Type 57S Atlantic, this Chrysler coupé caused a sensation

Ford FX-Atmos

In the 1950s, car designers were obsessed with space travel. After all, this was the jet age

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