Bertone Nuccio

Created in turbulent times, the Nuccio was Bertone's final all-new concept car

Stola Phalcon

Remember the Maybach Exelero? Well there was a second example, sort of

Citroen C6 Lignage

The Citroen C6 Lignage looked just as radical as the production car that it led to

Volkswagen W12

Capable of more than 200mph, the W12 would have made quite a supercar

Subaru B11S

The B11S was effectively Subaru's take on the Mazda RX-8 – but it never saw production

Opel Maxx

In the mid-1990s, the Maxx was GM's vision of the future of urban motoring

Smart ForSpeed

Smart created an electric sequel to its bonkers Crossblade, which sadly remained a one-off

Lamborghini Cala

Lamborghini really needed a junior supercar in the 1990s; the Cala could have been it

Peugeot Hoggar

The Peugeot Hoggar was just what you needed if your quest was to cross a desert in a hurry

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