Saab PhoeniX

The PhoeniX was meant to herald a brave new dawn for Saab, but sadly it was not to be

Mini Rocketman

The BMW Mini has never been an especially small car, but the Rocketman aimed to put paid to that

SEAT Formula

SEAT once thought about taking on the Lotus Elise - but then got cold feet

Volvo YCC

Proving that it was no longer a man's world, the Volvo YCC was designed by women, for women

Bertone Pandion

To celebrate its centenary, Bertone created a truly spectacular concept car

Renault Fiftie

Built to mark 50 years of the 4CV, the Fiftie could have been a brilliant retro city car for Renault

Rover TCV

The TCV was unveiled to show that Rover had a future – just before it went belly up

Monteverdi Hai

The Hai was supposed to put Monteverdi on the map, but that goal was missed by miles

Fioravanti Vola

With its neat styling and radical roof design, this could have been a landmark sports car…

Dodge ESX3

It didn't look all that radical, but the Dodge ESX3 represented a new way of thinking for its maker

Infiniti Essence

When Infiniti came to Europe, it pulled out all the stops to put on a good show

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