BMW 600

The 600 was meant to save BMW. Instead it just pushed BMW deeper into the mire

Goggomobil Dart

The Dart proved that you don't need lots of power to have tremendous fun

Opel Maxx

In the mid-1990s, the Maxx was GM's vision of the future of urban motoring

Smart ForSpeed

Smart created an electric sequel to its bonkers Crossblade, which sadly remained a one-off

Kleinschnittger F125

The Kleinschnittger F125 looked more like a fairground dodgem than a proper road-legal car

Cuno Bistram

This one-off home-built single-seater took minimalist motoring to the extreme

Brutsch Mopetta

The comically tiny Brutsch Mopetta made the Peel P50 look luxurious...

Opel Junior

Even now the Opel Junior looks fresh and funky, but it wasn't just a pretty face…

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