Honda Dualnote

The petrol-electric Dualnote featured cutting-edge tech, but it looked like a dog's dinner

Rapport Ritz

Take one Honda Accord, double the asking price and you get the Rapport Ritz

Fuji Cabin

One of the cutest microcars ever created, just 85 Fuji Cabins were made

Toyota FT-HS

The Toyota FT-HS could (and should) have been the new Celica. But it wasn't

Isuzu 117 Coupé

Made largely for Isuzu's home market, the 117 Coupé is largely unknown elsewhere

Ferrari J50

Just 10 examples of the Ferrari J50 were made, for the Japanese market only

Subaru B11S

The B11S was effectively Subaru's take on the Mazda RX-8 – but it never saw production

Mazda Taiki

One of the most beautiful concept cars ever devised, the Mazda Taiki will always look futuristic

Yamaha OX99-11

The OX99-11 was one of the few cars that could make the McLaren F1 look low-key

Nissan R390

When Nissan decided to compete at Le Mans, it had to build just one road car to comply

Toyota FXS

Using Lexus SC430 running gear, the FXS could have been a great boulevard cruiser

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