Cuno Bistram

This one-off home-built single-seater took minimalist motoring to the extreme

Zagato Raptor

The brief was to upstage the Lamborghini Diablo - and Zagato did just that

Glasspar Ascot

The Glasspar G2 was a landmark car, but its successor wasn't quite so successful...

Dornier Delta

Only one Delta was made, but the car would still go into production elsewhere

Rover 25 Art Car

When MG-Rover teamed up with Matthew Williamson, the results were not pretty…

Lotec Sirius

After its previous one-off, Lotec came back for more, but the Sirius would also be unique

Triumph Fury

The two-seater Triumph Fury was planned to sit between the Spitfire and TR

Daimler Corsica

Built to mark Daimler's centenary, the Corsica was a gorgeous X300-based four-seater drop-top

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