Zagato Zele

The Zele was out of character for Zagato, but this tiny commuter car saved its maker

MG-Hawk Special

It looks like a Ferrari, but this barchetta's plastic bodywork hides MG TD mechanicals

Kurtis Sports Car

This two-seater sporting luxury car looked like nothing else, but high costs sealed its fate

Wolfrace Sonic

The Wolfrace Sonic wasn't for the faint-hearted, with its two Rover V8s and six wheels

Towns Hustler

William Towns didn't just design the Lagonda; he also devised the incredibly angular Hustler

Flajole Forerunner

With its far-out looks you'd never guess that underneath, this was a Jaguar XK120

Ford FX-Atmos

In the 1950s, car designers were obsessed with space travel. After all, this was the jet age

Damilla Roadster

It looked as though it was a 1950s creation, but the Damilla Special was from the 1990s

Ginetta G32

The G32 was yet another one of those could-have-been-great cars

Glasspar Ascot

The Glasspar G2 was a landmark car, but its successor wasn't quite so successful...

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