Bertone Nuccio

Created in turbulent times, the Nuccio was Bertone's final all-new concept car

Bertone Emotion

Supposedly featuring Lotus power, the Emotion was a non-runner that looked sensational

Bertone Zabrus

This boxy eighties concept is just as forgotten as the Group B rally car that sired it

Gordon-Keeble GT

The stylish and powerful Gordon-Keeble was the consummate GT, but just 100 were built

Bertone Genesis

If you needed to transport the family in a hurry, the Lambo-powered Genesis was just the job

Bertone Pandion

To celebrate its centenary, Bertone created a truly spectacular concept car

Bertone Birusa

It looked great and was powered by a BMW 5.0-litre V8. What's not to like?

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