Richard Dredge

Richard Dredge

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Richard Dredge

Richard Dredge

Lamborghini Diablo by Strosek

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If you were worried that your Lamborghini Diablo didn't stand out enough, Strosek was the place to go

The global economy was just beginning to get back on its feet in spring 1994, and to mark the occasion Strosek Tuning unveiled its modified Diablo at that year’s Geneva motor show. Where Koenig was starting to make his cars a little less wild cosmetically, Strosek was going the other way and trying very hard to produce vehicles that were even more noticeable than standard.

More usually associated with wild Porsche upgrades, Strosek sometimes couldn’t resist the temptation to dabble elsewhere – and the Diablo was clearly crying out for attention. However, Strosek didn’t play about with the Diablo mechanically, but it did offer various packages to make the car more obvious. Ditching the pop-up headlamps was the first stage, with small inset lights used as replacements. The front bumper was also replaced by a much more rounded item while the 18-inch wheels were of a less fussy design, but they still featured five holes just like the standard Diablo’s.

Instead of the wing mirrors being mounted at the base of the A-pillar, they were located at the top – which must have made them awkward to use, but they were almost certainly more effective as they could see over the massive rear wings. To complete the aesthetics, Strosek's Diablos were usually finished in eye-searingly bright colours used to make them even more noticeable, such as vivid yellows and blues.

As with the engine and running gear the interior was unmodified, although once a few cars had been converted there was the option of having race-style bucket seats fitted along with revised door trim panels. The basic cabin architecture was otherwise unchanged though.

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