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Apollo GT

It looked like a Ferrari, but the Apollo GT was a largely American confection

Tornado Talisman

Stylish, well made, fast and affordable, the Talisman really did have it all

Fuji Cabin

One of the cutest microcars ever created, just 85 Fuji Cabins were made

Kaiser Darrin 161

The Darrin was supposed to save Kaiser, but instead it killed off the brand altogether

Isuzu 117 Coupé

Made largely for Isuzu's home market, the 117 Coupé is largely unknown elsewhere

Ferrari J50

Just 10 examples of the Ferrari J50 were made, for the Japanese market only

ALCA Volpe

This tiny two-seater promised much, but no running examples were ever delivered

Gordon-Keeble GT

The stylish and powerful Gordon-Keeble was the consummate GT, but just 100 were built

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