Stevens Sienna

Intended to be a neo-classic for the impecunious, this Reliant-based project proved stillborn

Stutz Blackhawk

If you were rich in the 1970s, the Stutz Blackhawk was the car to flaunt your wealth

Guyson E12

When William Towns performed surgery on a Jaguar E-Type V12, the result was striking…

Panther Rio

Take one Triumph Dolomite, rebody it, tart up the interior, and you have the Panther Rio

Isuzu 117 Coupé

Made largely for Isuzu's home market, the 117 Coupé is largely unknown elsewhere

Vector W2

The Vector W2 was a unique prototype that led to the Vector W8 production car

Zagato Zele

The Zele was out of character for Zagato, but this tiny commuter car saved its maker

Mohs Safarikar

In the pantheon of bizarre cars, few are as weird as the Mohs Safarikar

Towns Hustler

William Towns didn't just design the Lagonda; he also devised the incredibly angular Hustler

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