Nash-Healey Roadster

The Nash-Healey had plenty of potential, but high costs scuppered its chances of success

Mohs Safarikar

In the pantheon of bizarre cars, few are as weird as the Mohs Safarikar

Kurtis Sports Car

This two-seater sporting luxury car looked like nothing else, but high costs sealed its fate

Renault 4CV Jolly

Most Jollys were based on Fiats, but some Renault editions were also produced

Kleinschnittger F125

The Kleinschnittger F125 looked more like a fairground dodgem than a proper road-legal car

Damilla Roadster

It looked as though it was a 1950s creation, but the Damilla Special was from the 1990s

Muntz Jet

Who would want a Cadillac when they could have a Muntz Jet instead?

Woodill Wildfire

The Glasspar G2-based Woodill Wildfire was the second GRP-bodied production car

Glasspar G2

The Glasspar G2 was the world's first production glassfibre-bodied car

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