Stutz Blackhawk

If you were rich in the 1970s, the Stutz Blackhawk was the car to flaunt your wealth

Apollo GT

It looked like a Ferrari, but the Apollo GT was a largely American confection

Kaiser Darrin 161

The Darrin was supposed to save Kaiser, but instead it killed off the brand altogether

Isuzu 117 Coupé

Made largely for Isuzu's home market, the 117 Coupé is largely unknown elsewhere

Iso Lele

It was an exclusive Italian GT, but the Lele struggled to make its mark

Nash-Healey Roadster

The Nash-Healey had plenty of potential, but high costs scuppered its chances of success

Mohs Safarikar

In the pantheon of bizarre cars, few are as weird as the Mohs Safarikar

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